All you need to know about your checked baggage
Some of our fares include a complimentary checked baggage that must not exceed the regulatory weight and dimensions. Check your fare type to determine your baggage allowance.

Baggage Specifications

Your checked baggage size should not exceed 62 inches. Total size is measured by the length + width + height of your baggage.

The weight limit for an individual piece is 15kg for domestic flights and 23kg for international flights.

Any baggage exceeding these limits will incur an additional fee.The number and total weight of baggage permitted in the cabin or the hold may vary depending on the aircraft and equipment.

The number and total weight of baggage permitted in the cabin or the hold may vary depending on the aircraft and equipment.

Additional Baggage

If you wish to include extra checked bags to your reservation, you can add a 15kg bag for domestic flights or up to 23kg for international flights. Make sure that you drop off your bags at the airport check-in desk prior to passing through security, as they will be stored in the aircraft hold. All additional baggage is subject to operational availability.

Please contact our Customer Service (in advance by telephone or at the counter) to verify the number of bags you are allowed to check on your flight, as well as the rates applicable to additional baggage. Fares may vary depending on your destination.
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Special Baggage

Some items like sporting equipment or musical instruments may be subject to special regulations or fees, depending on the destination.
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Baggage Prices

Please note that baggage fees are non- refundable except if a booking is cancelled within 24 hours of purchase or if your baggage is damaged or delayed.
For more information regarding baggage prices contact one of our Customer Service agents.
Customer Service

Overweight Baggage

Baggage exceeding the authorized limit is subject to operational availability and additional rates. Overweight baggage is not authorized on some destinations. Please contact our Customer Service to verify if it is allowed on your flight.

Baggage Liability

Sunrise Airways limits liability for checked items. Make sure to keep your valuables in your carry-on baggage throughout your trip. Sunrise Airways is not responsible for the following items carried in checked baggage:

Fragile items

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