Lost, Delayed & Damaged Baggage
Learn the steps and procedures for prompt care and resolution of delayed or damaged baggage.

Delayed baggage

Despite our best efforts, baggage may occasionally experience delays. If you are unable to locate your bags upon landing, please locate a Sunrise Airways Representative and advise them of the situation. You will need to show your ticket and boarding pass, as the bag tag is placed on this document. This will help in tracing the bag’s whereabouts.

You will also be required to complete and sign a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form. Please note that this must be done before leaving the airport.

If you checked in at the airport, your baggage tag was given to you by one of our agents at check in. Insert the bag tag reference number in the online form, and upon submission, you will be assigned a claim number. Keep this number handy to monitor the status of your request. We will do everything possible to have your baggage returned to you within 48 hours.

Once your baggage is found, you will be offered two options:

  • To have the bag(s) delivered to your home
  • Return to the airport to collect your bag(s)

Conditions as they apply to each option:

  • You will need to complete and sign a Passenger Declaration Form, advising Customs that Sunrise Airways has been given permission to clear the bag(s) on your behalf.
  • Our personnel can clear your bag(s) only if the contents are non-dutiable. In this instance the bag(s) will be sent to the address provided, without charge.
  • If the contents are deemed dutiable by Customs, you will be required to come to the airport to clear your own bag(s).

Please note that claims for expenses incurred due to delayed delivery of baggage must be filed within 21 days. Please submit clear copies of receipts, invoices, and other proofs of purchase. Sunrise Airways will reimburse passengers as required by the international conventions and otherwise at its discretion.

Property Irregularity Report

Lost baggage

In the unfortunate event that your baggage is deemed lost or remains untraceable after 7 days, you must submit a claim through the provided form, ensuring that all necessary supporting documents are included. Make sure to review all the forms before submitting.

At this point, a secondary search will be initiated. You will be contacted immediately should we be successful in locating your baggage. On the other hand, if our efforts are to no avail, your claim will be settled in accordance with the applicable international conventions.
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Damaged baggage

If you observe any damage to your bags upon landing, please file our Property Irregularity Report using the provided link. Once you inform us of the damage to your baggage, we will conduct a thorough assessment. If it is established that the damage occurred while the bag was in our possession, we might compensate you for any associated baggage fees.
Property Irregularity Report

Baggage Liability

If you experience any problems with your luggage upon reaching your destination - whether it is delayed, lost or damaged , please refer to the following steps and procedures for assistance. 

Sunrise Airways  assumes liability for issues related to checked luggage throughout the journey. This includes instances of delay, damage, or loss occurring while the luggage is on the aircraft or under the airline's care. However, the airline is not responsible for luggage problems caused by defects in the items or if the passenger is at fault, such as inadequate packing of fragile items.

To initiate a baggage claim for damage or non-arrival at the destination airport, passengers should promptly visit the airline counter. It is essential to present the baggage tag and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), detailing the nature of the issue. 

Secure the copy as evidence for your claim. A transaction number will be provided, enabling you to track the status of your baggage.

Before submitting a Baggage Claim or a Property Incident Report, please make sure that your items do not fall under the exceptions outlined in the baggage liability policy.

Fragile items

Baggage Claim Form

Please fill out the Baggage Claim form, attaching any pertinent receipts or proof of purchase. We usually process claim within 21 business days and will send you a response to the email provided on the form below.

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