Do you have a stroller, music instrument, medical or sport equipment?
Those may qualify as special items and may require an additional fee. Make sure to check if your destination has restrictions before booking your flight.

Sports Equipement


  • Only non-motorized bicycles are allowed on flights to/from Miami and Cuba. The bicycle and its case must be under 62 inches and weigh less than 23 kg.

Golfing equipment 

  • If associated with the destination's first or second baggage, golfing equipment will be charged a $100 fee. Any extra or overweight items will incur separate charges.

Scuba diving equipment

  • Permitted exclusively on flights to/from Cuba. Authorized items are scuba gear, scuba regulator, tank harness, tank pressure gauge (tanks are not allowed). If packed separately, each of these items counts as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked bags allowed.

Unusual Shapes

TV set

  • Permitted exclusively on flights to/from Cuba, television sets up to 50 inches in their original packaging can be transported at no extra cost when included in the standard baggage allowance. However, if brought as an additional item, a fee of $150 USD applies. If the TV exceeds the permitted dimensions, extra charges for oversized items may also be incurred.

Musical Instruments

  • Sunrise Airways allows properly packaged musical instruments as either checked or carry-on baggage, contingent upon their weight, size, and shape. Small musical instruments such as clarinets, flutes, trumpets, guitars, or violins may be included in the standard carry-on baggage allowance if they meet specific criteria. These instruments must be enclosed in a hard-shell case for protection, weigh no more than 5 kg, and fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. Instruments may need to be checked at the gate if deemed unsuitable for cabin storage.
  • Transportation of musical instruments is subject to operational availability.
  • Checked instruments are counted towards the baggage allowance, with overweight charges applicable if exceeding 23 kg (50 lb). 
  • It is strongly advised to properly pack the instruments in a hard-shell case is, with additional padding if necessary. Marking the case as “Fragile” is advised for added protection during transit.

Medical or Mobility equipment

Medical devices and mobility aids are free and exempt from carry-on restrictions, though they may need to be checked in the hold if space is limited or if they are not essential during the flight. 

These must be labeled and declared to security officers for inspection. It is advisable to carry medical documentation to confirm your health status. Devices with lithium batteries should be carried only in carry-on luggage.

Prohibited medical equipment

Some portable medical devices and equipment are prohibited in the cabin due to their classification as hazardous materials. These include:

  • Personal medical oxygen cylinders.
  • Medical-clinical thermometers containing mercury.
  • Radioactive medical devices implanted, ingested, injected, or externally fitted as part of a medical treatment.

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