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what you should know if you are

Heading to Miami?

Make sure you check the specific baggage rules if you travel to and from Miami.
Be proactive and be ready for your trip!

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Do you or someone you know have

Cuba in your travels?

Provide advance information on entering and leaving the Republic of Cuba - Digital form required by various institutions that allows entry from the national territory of Cuba.

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Traveling to or from the

Dominican Republic?

If you travel to or from Dominican Republic, it is mandatory to fill out the online immigration form.

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Traveling with baggages?

Familiarizing yourself with the specific baggage rules is a great idea! Stick to the allowance on your ticket for a smooth and hassle-free journey.

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Prepare pou vwayaj ou
Bagay ou ta dwe konnen anvan ou rezève vwayaj ou
you book your trip
yon icône pòte
Bagaj sou Komisyon Konsèy
Bagaj sou tablo

Everything you need to know about your baggage before your flight: number, size and weight allowed for checked and carry-on baggage.

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Kijan pou resève
Chanjman ak anilasyon

Explore simple booking options for your next journey.

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Enfòmasyon sou Ayew
Enfòmasyon sou Ayew

Quick access to important airport information such as location, ticket counter hours, gate and terminal information.

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Fòm Peman
Fòm peman

All the payment options accepted for reservations made online, at the counter or through our call center.

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Gwoup vwayaj
Gwoup vwayaj

Take advantage of our special conditions when booking for ten or more people on the same flight.

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Bèt kay sou Komisyon Konsèy
Bèt kay sou Komisyon Konsèy

We welcome pets and support animals under certain conditions. Find all the information here.